Cardboard net - to protect products against mechanical damage by "wrapping"

Machine for cutting (producing) a cardboard net, SmartPack!

Kartonska mrežaThis series of machines sets new standards in terms of performance and handling. With automatic cut-out and outlet, it converts cardboards of all sizes into a cardboard sheet in an easy way.

An extremely reliable cutting mechanism has a long lifetime. Metal fasteners that can occasionally be found in discarded cardboards do not represent an obstacle to operation. Due to the opening on one side of the machine, it can process cardboard sheets of any size without any previous shortening. Up to 15 m³ watts of material can be produced per hour with a minimum number of workers.

Kartonska mrežaKartonska mrežaKartonska mreža

    The special feature of the machine is its integrated cutting roller (optional) which allows you to:
  • Cut the cardboard in advance into the required usable format,
  • cut off metal fasteners in advance,
  • remove addresses or
  • produce any type of individual cardboard required for the shipment of your products.

The machine has a compact design and takes a very small space.

Kartonska mrežaKartonska mrežaKartonska mreža

    SmartPack! SP economic solution for your packaging and delivery department
  • Reduction of costs due to materials used to fill packages and reduce paper waste.
  • A useful way to recycle old cardboards, an alternative to polystyrene, chips, ... etc. itd.
  • Low production costs due to high operating speed (up to 15 m³/h).
  • Powerful powertrain range up to 5.5 kW, suitable for cardboards up to 20 mm thick.
  • Flexible machine operation for the from-to-ward dimension / Edges ABS
  • Robust cutting mechanism (even metal staples), long life.
  • Surface hardening of the blade shaft.
  • Compact design - takes up little space.
  • Converts cardboard sheets of all sizes into a cardboard net (like a cotton wool material) in just one operation, without prior cutting.
  • Ergonomically designed subassembly for cardboard insertion.
  • A lot of slanting on the top and bottom for easy loading of the machine.
  • Wheel with standard brake functions.
    Maximum flexibility thanks to the extra cutting roller
  • Fast and reliable removal of metal staples.
  • Easy cutting of multiple layers of cardboard.
  • Easy production of cardboard sheets up to 1m wide.