Paper tape - for closing cardboard packaging

Papirna trakaPaper tape, coated with glue, is a new product which, with its characteristics and simple application of transport (cardboard) packaging, provides safety, reliability, security and quality while reducing costs.

    We emphasize the following advantages of using paper adhesive eco-labels:
  • Superior product protection, no or negligible damage during transportation, means a satisfied customer of your products and the increase of their confidence in the reliability of the delivery.
  • Papirna trakaProfessional way of closing the cardboard packaging reduces the attempts of unauthorized opening and theft of products to a negligible number.
  • Persistence (resistance) at low temperatures from -36°C and high up to 42°C
  • Cost control, mechanical and electrical tape dispensers provide the required (exact) length of the tape and in this way reduce unnecessary costs. Due to the optimal length of the tape used in the process of closing the cardboard packaging as well as its purposeful use, saves up to 10-15%.
  • Creating a recognizable image of the company, the possibility of cheap printing of company logo, messages, alert signs, addresses, etc. on the paper tape increases the representativity of your delivery.
  • Environmental protection, cardboard box (packaging) sealed with paper adhesive eco-tape can be easily and completely recycled. When the closure of the cardboard packaging is done with a PVC strip (scotch tape), glue or staples, the recycling process is complex, expensive, and sometimes impossible.
  • Papirna trakaThe Institute for the Protection of Health of Serbia, "Dr Milan Jovanović Batut", based on laboratory tests, gave expert opinion that the paper adhesive tape is a healthy product.

The paper adhesive eco-tape is made of high-quality paper according to the requirements of DIN 55 475 and DIN 55 446, allowing simple, firm and reliable closing of cardboard (transportation) packaging. Moistening the tape before use can be done manually, mechanically or automatically. We carry out the eco-tape in rolls in a length of 200 m, widths from 40 mm to 90 mm and grammage of 60, 75 and 90gr/m2.

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