Moisture absorbers - to protect products against harmful moisture

Upijači vlageWhat are moisture absorbers?
Desiccant bags absorb moisture, odors and chemicals and thereby protect and protect the products. They are made in sizes from 1/6 (base unit) to 80 units (from 5½ grams to 2.640 grams) and protect any number of products including semiconductors, electro-components, food boxes or even large-scale machines.

To protect products in closed boxes or containers against damage from moisture.

Upijači vlageWhy use them ?
When stored or transported, products in almost all branches of industry need moisture protection. The occurrence of rust, mold, blight and significantly reduced product quality are the usual consequences of the harmful effect of moisture, resulting costs of millions due to the inefficiency of the products and the return of goods each year. Desiccant bags prevent damage of products by absorbing moisture from the air.

Possible configurations
Desiccant bags within the offer of Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging, the business unit of Süd-Chemie Group, are packed in DuPont Tyvek®, GDT-II or artificial silk made of high strength polyester, strong materials which are long lasting and satisfy the conditions of FDA for food packaging. They are made in sizes from 1/6 (base unit) to 80 units (5½ grams to 2.640 grams) in the following types of packing:

  • Desi Pak®: Bentonite clay (absorbs moisture)
  • Getter Pak®: Active coal (odour control)
  • Sorb-It®: Silica gel (absorbs moisture)
  • 2-in-1 Pak®: Silica gel or bentonite clay with active coal (moisture and odour control)
  • Tri-Sorb®: Molecular sieves
  • Desi View®: Bentonite clay or silica gel plus blue indicator gel

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