Grip Fix adhesive material - for the stabilization of palletized goods


Grip Fix adhezioni materijalThe GRIP FIX™ - adhesive material for binding of packaging is the basis of the H. Rand GmbH safety palletizing system.

This security system for palletizing packaging is based on GRIP FIX™ fluid-adhering material, which, by turning to a solid state, provides a stronger bond between overlaid surfaces. GRIP FIX™ is a anti-slip material, used to increase the stack stability on a pallet dissolved in water and does not contain solvents. Packagings that are palletized can be bags of polyethylene, paper bags, jars, cardboard, cellophane packs, fabric sacks, smaller packages...

Grip Fix adhezioni materijalHow is GRIP FIX™ used?

GRIP FIX™ is applied in liquid form manually or automatically in small quantities on the siding area of the sack or cardboard boxes before they are arranged. After stacking and short-term drying the pallet is stable and remains until the unloading time.

Grip Fix adhezioni materijalThe "trick" is the following: a large horizontal resistance is achieved due to the increased adhesion force on the supporting surfaces, while the very small force is required for vertical separation. Packages on the pallet are protected from slipping but can be easily separated. Generally it does not leave any trace when depalletization is done at unloading.

Grip Fix adhezioni materijalThe use of GRIP FIX™ is very simple, thanks to a quick-closing system connection. Regardless of whether the product is delivered in cans or barrels, replacing the empty tank is done quickly and easily.

Another advantage: "quick-release" closing allows a secure closed system. This means that no dirt can enter the interior of the reservoir. It prevents it from contaminating by germs and affecting its characteristics. In other words, you don’t have to be worried when replacing a tank or recharging the system.

Another benefit for you: We deliver GRIP FIX™ in various canisters in optimal quantities according to your needs. From a bottle of 1 kg for manual handling to a 1,000 kg reservoir for automatic application - everything is possible.

Grip Fix adhezioni materijal

Problems which you can avoid by using GRIP FIX™

The insurance company association in Germany received complaints about the insurance of goods in transport in the total amount of about 1.48 billion EUR. In addition to the increase in insurance premiums, this negative trend had a significant impact on the image and customer satisfaction of the sector for transport in industry and trade.

GRIP FIX™ H. Rand merchandise safety product assurance ensures that your product is not the subject of complaint or appeal.

Grip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijal Pallets secured with GRIP FIX™ remain stable during the palletizing process, on the way to automatic wrapping with stretch foil, during transport, delivery as part of manipulation at the distribution center. The need for re-arrangement of slippery goods involves not so negligible effort and additional costs. By using GRIP FIX™ this problem can be considered a past.

Pallets secured with GRIP FIX™ do not slip even when the contents of the package are not stable, for example when granules are transported in plastic jars or cardboard boxes. Transport of goods provided by this method saves the dependent costs of reclamation and recovery of damaged goods.

A pile of packaging waste

Grip Fix adhezioni materijalTransport and the quantity of secondary packaging increase by 2% compared to the previous year, unlike the trend of sales of packaging. About 47% of these packages should be further classified before recycling. It costs both time and money.

The GRIP FIX™ security palletizing system allows you to pile packages on a pallet without generating waste.

GRIP FIX™ agent does not leave traces, it is biodegradable and goods are not damaged during unloading-depalitization. This reduces the accumulation of waste resulting from the use of various foils, stretch films, cover cards, paper covers, and similar.

If you want to safely transport goods, protect our environment and save money, GRIP FIX™ is an ideal product for you.

The benefits of GRIP FIX™ at a glance:

Grip Fix adhezioni materijalEcological benefits:

    GRIP FIX™ Does not leave traces and is biodegradable
  • It can be recycled
  • It is not toxic and it dissolves in water
  • Suitable for food packaging
    (contains ingredients that meet the requirements of the German Federal Health Administration (BGA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA))
  • It can be delivered in return packaging with a deposit
    Economic benefits:
  • Up to 50% savings in regard to thermophilia, stretch foil or other wrappers
    • Price per palette (average empirical value)
    • PE bags 0.10 - 0.15 €
    • Paper bags: 0.15 - 0.25 €
    • Cardboards: 0.10 - 1.00 €
  • Depalletization without any damage on the packaging
  • Negligible need for cleaning
  • Minimum need for work performance
  • Increased security

GRIP FIX™ is a cost-effective adhesion agent that is increasingly used in the palletizing process. Due to its characteristics it is suitable in terms of environmental protection.

Grip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijalGrip Fix adhezioni materijal